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A Queen is never fully dressed without her crown! Hello everyone my name is Alicia Blanks, your director of the Miss Newark USA pageant. I enjoy teaching ballet at my dance studio, AMB Dance Theatre, and guiding women and girls on a journey through pageantry.

This competition is performed during the evening wear portion of the Miss Newark USA Pageant. This is a creative way to express who you are to the audience and the judges.

An introduction can include:

  • Litte Miss and Princess

Name, age, favorite toy and/or hobby, future ambition

  • Preteen to Teen

Name, age, hobbies, school, community service, future ambition

  • Miss and Ms.

Name, career, hobbies, special awards, community service, businesses

All introductions don't have to sound the same. You can jazz up your introduction in so many ways, here are a few tips;

Write out what your introduction will say by answering these questions



Hobbies (at least two)


Now rearrange the order of your introduction,





"With a love for dance and pageantry, I am Sally Smith, a 10 year old who sees herself as a fashion model. Thank you.

Also remember that delivery is key, use your voice to emphasize certain words. Create a flow with how you project your voice and deliever your introduction.

Try it out for yourself, write out your introduction, and be confident with your delivery.

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