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Rhinestones are a Queens best friend.

Who doesn't love rhinestones?!? The way rhinestones can make any outfit or gown look like a 10 out of 10 is spectacular. Rhinestones come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; glue on rhinestones, even iron-on rhinestones. Again, what's not to love about rhinestones!

Here at Miss Newark USA, we feel the shinier the better... to an extent. No need to wear shades. We hope you've seen the Instagram page with reels by two of the MNUSA 2023 court. Princess Leslie and Jr. Teen Iliana, give you an insight into their choice of pageant jewelry. Both queens had three things in common... a beautiful crown on their heads, a confident smile, and rhinestone jewelry.

Rhinestones are your best pageant friend for onstage competitions. Rhinestone earrings are not hard to find, local malls, and online shops have plenty of great choices. A great tip for choosing the right rhinestone earrings, take a photo of you an outfit you plan to wear with rhinestone jewelry, this way you have a guide to look for the right color rhinestones at the jewelry store.

If you are a creative, get a hold on iron-on rhinestones and build your own piece! This is something that can be done on an evening gown, or for the fun fashion competition. As you begin your shopping spree for the Miss Newark USA pageant on August 10, 2024, make sure to follow these tips for pageant jewelry

  • Make sure the jewelry compliments your outfit of choice

  • Jewelry should always be age appropriate

  • Be certain that the jewelry is comfortable to wear and isn't irritating your skin

  • Take care of your rhinestone jewelry by wrapping it in parchment paper or keeping it in a safe jewelry box to maximize the shine

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