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Can you repeat the question?

How do you prepare for onstage question? How does anyone prepare for a question they have never heard before? It's hard!

Think of all the ways to panic, the stress, the unknown! (Cue in dramatic music)

The best way to prepare for a pageant interview is to practice asking yourself questions. Ask your family or your friends to help you with pageantry questions. Remember that pageant interview is all about you. Your likes, your passions, and aspirations.

For a pageant interview it's best to answer questions to the best of your ability, and to ANSWER the question. Here are some questions from previous Miss Newark USA pageants:

If women ruled the world, what would the world be like?
Has the speed of technology taken away from our emotional connection?
If you were president of the United States, for one day, what would you change about this country?

At Miss Newark USA Pageants, contestants choose a number out of a bowl, and that number is associated with a question for a specific age group. Judges are looking for a contestant with personality, stage presence, public speaking skills, and the ability to think quickly.

This group of questions is mostly for the Teen to Ms categories. These questions will be slightly more challenging. Think of ways you can answer these questions, practice in your mirror, followed with friends and family. Ask them for feedback. Take a look at the Miss Newark USA YouTube channel for guidance on onstage question.

For the younger divisions Little Miss to Jr. Teen, the questions are just as challenging. It's still important to practice at home with family, standing in front of them, answering questions in full sentences.

Never forget the WHY. A lot of questions are asking for your opinion. If a judge is asking you what is your favorite color and why? Never disregard that. Include your favorite color and why it is your favorite color.

Here are some of the on stage questions from previous years at Miss Newark USA

If you had a choice to bring only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be and why?

What is your favorite thing to do with your family on the weekends, and why?

If you had to choose between fruits or veggies which would you choose and why?

These are great questions to practice at home, look at your facial expressions in the mirror, work on your smile, and holding a remote as a microphone, and address your audience with great eye contact.

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