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Public Speaking

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

It's hard! Let's be honest. Getting on a stage in front of people and they are all staring at you waiting to hear what you have to say. Is NERVE RACKING! We all have to do this task, whether in school, or in an interview, public speaking is how we show who we are with intellect and confidence. For some, this can come easy, for others it takes a few encouraging words, there are ways to settle this feeling of nervousness.

At the Miss Newark USA Pageant, contestants are required to speak three different times. During spokesmodel, on stage question, and introduction. The judges are looking for poise, confidence, and overall stage presence. During each competition, contestants are given the chance to show their personality, and charm. In order to feel at ease about public speaking, here are some helpful pageant tips.

Wake up and tell yourself you're beautiful every morning.

You have to start with your favorite morning affirmation. It really helps with confidence boosting and each morning you, you're becoming a confident queen.

Read a paragraph out loud.

My grandmother would ask for me to read aloud, everyday after school. I didn't know it then, but I know why now that that skill was important. You can read to yourself, or to whomever you're with. It helps with projection, getting the giggles out, (trust me you'll laugh at first) and nervousness.

Pageant practice

For spokesmodel each age division is given a topic, each topic can be broken down into a speech. For example. The Miss Newark USA Princess division (5-7) their topic is "Future Ambition" that means each contestant will describe and share their career choice, for their future.

In Onstage Question each contestant will answer an age appropriate question. The Miss Newark USA Teens will choose from the bowl of questions, and must give a response to the best of their ability. One question that will be asked is, "If you were the host of a talk show, what would the name of your show be and why?"

Pageant Practice Tip

Answer pageant questions by looking at yourself in the mirror, and looking at your facial expressions. Sounds funny right? I'm not joking, this will help you notice when you say words like "Um" or "So Yea" you want to remember that the Miss Newark USA Pageant is an interview for a job of being Miss Newark USA 2023. Queens have responsibilities, attend events, and are often asked questions by so many people from different industries. Working on your facial expressions can help with gaining more confidence about your beautiful smile and projection.

Standing in front of an audience

Your supporters will be in the crowd cheering you on! Miss Newark USA is all about you and shining your light. However, this can still feel scary. When all eyes are on you, and only you. What do you do?

  1. Take a deep breath

  2. Count to 3 in your head (not out loud)

  3. For extra jitters place your right or left arm on your back and squeeze your fist as tight as you can. (Helps take the pressure off)

  4. Begin to say your speech or introduction

Remember that everyone is there to support you, you're the star of the show. Be confident and feel amazing in what you have done, and accomplished.

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