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Rehearsal Weekend

The boot camps and rehearsal for the 5th year of Miss Newark USA were amazing! Each boot camp was catered to the girls looking confident on stage. The AMB Dance Theatre turned into a runway!

The contestants were in good hands with help provided by Miss Denise, the Miss Newark USA Choreographer, and Miss Katt, the Miss Newark USA Stage Coordinator.

They practiced how to do pivot turns, circle turns, answer their onstage question, introduction, and so much more!

The staff at Miss Newark USA is definitely here to help everyone, in any way, shape, or form.

The rehearsal for the opening number, taught by Miss Denise was incredible! We can't share too much because this opening dance for the 5th anniversary is going to be a surprise!

Everything this year is going to be spectacular! Don't worry if you missed out on this weekends festivities! There is still time to register for the pageant! Deadline is August 1, 2022!

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