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Two Scents by Bri

Brielle Rojas is a bright entrepreneur, and business woman! A Graduate of Montclair State University and owner of her very own candle business, Two Scents by Bri.

Brielle was introduced to Miss Newark USA on Facebook, she reached out to the director, Alicia Blanks, and offered her services. Alicia and Brielle instantly clicked, Brielle is a sponsor for the first ever Miss Newark USA Dynamic Duo 2024 Mother-Daughter pageant! Winners will receive amazingly customized candles by Bri!

Take a look into Brielle's vision

When did you start?

Two Scents by Bri LLC, started in August 2020. It is a vegan friendly soy wax candle business based in Bergen County NJ. The candles are all handmade in small batches, with a toxin-free ick and phthalate-free fragrances. Two Scents by Bri offers a variet of scents, from sweet and fruity to fresh and crisp. The toppings on the candles are made of wax.

Have you always had a passion for owning a business?

Yes, Brielle's passion grew from her grandparents who migrated to the US from Cuba. She admired watching her grandparents start their journey owning two restaurants. Brielle has the same drive and dedication.

Who inspired you to birth this dream?

Brielles friends and family inspired her to purse her dreams. It started off as a hobby, even during COVID-19 it was a hobby to stay busy. However after showing the final results to her family and friends, they asked Brielle to make more and the rest is HERstory!

Where can people follow you and purchase your products?

Follow on Instagram @twoscents_bybri you can purchase Brielle's candles at her next pop-up or event! Check out her website as well Brielle offers party favors, candle making workshops and more!

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