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Little Miss and Mister Newark USA 2021

The first Boss Baby pageant was amazing! Nothing but sensational. Overall there were seven contestants. All of the finalists did a great job showcasing who they are as little bosses. The goal and intention of the Little Miss and Mister Newark USA Pageant were reached. We had a great prize sponsor, Ultimate Wireless, who sponsored waterproof speakers for the winners. And each contestant received a huge gift basket. The crowed was lovely, the judges were in awe of how cute the contestants were. And of course the MNUSA staff had a wonderful time knowing that everyone was going home happy.

Congratulations to the first Little Miss and Mister Newark USA Kings and Queens! Next year the pageant will be held the night before the Miss Newark USA Pageant! Registration will open up after this year's Miss Newark USA pageant on August 14, 2021.

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