Miss Newark USA 

Rules and Guidelines

**All contestants must live, work, or attend school in the City of Newark New Jersey to be a contestant in Miss Newark USA

**Proof of address/work/school ID is required in application

1. Your age will be determined on the day of the pageant. Proof of age should be available upon request.


2. This is a fair competition judged by qualified judges. All decisions are final.


3. There will be no refunds of entry fees or ad fees, under any circumstances.


4. The pageant staff and directors will not accept responsibility for any typographical errors or omissions in the magazine book.


5. If you are crowned the winner you must stay for photographs and sign a year contract with Miss Newark USA.


6. All questions concerning rules, guidelines or any other pageant information should be directed to the pageant office (973) 668-6724. Correct information cannot be obtained from any other source.


7. All contestants must give the pageant permission to use their photographs and video footage for publicity purposes in connection with the pageant.


8. All paperwork, entry fees, are subject to deadlines and due dates. Any contestant who fails to meet the proper deadlines and/or due dates will be ineligible to compete. No refunds will be permitted.


9. The pageant staff is not responsible for any accident, injury or loss during the pageant.


10. Good sportsmanship is essential during competition. The pageant staff will not tolerate any behavior that will in any way tarnish the reputations of the contestants and/or the pageant. If any contestant, parent or guest of a contestant doesn’t conduct themselves in a proper manner or disrupts the pageant in any way, at any time, it will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiting of all prizes, fees, titles, awards, etc.


11. The pageant asks that the parents and audience members refrain from the use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages in and around the event area.


12. Winners throughout their year of service must conduct themselves with grace and great presence at all times. 


13. No information will be given out concerning who is competing in the pageant or how many contestants are entered. The only way to fairly conduct this type of competition, for everyone involved, is not releasing any information. Thank you for your cooperation in this manner.


14. Anyone arriving late for competition will have points deducted towards their overall score.


15. The pageant staff reserves the right to use their discretion when selecting and accepting contestants for any Miss Newark USA Pageant. Any contestant who has displayed poor sportsmanship at a past pageant or any other pageant may not be accepted as a contestant in Miss Newark USA.


16. Failure to comply with the rules and guidelines will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiting of all prizes, fees, titles, awards, etc.


17. Deadlines for payment are required one week before the ward or city competition. Use the PayPal app on the website. 

18. You may mail deposits to PO Box 32044 Newark Nj 07102, make payable AMB DANCE THEATRE. Deposits are NON Refundable and NONtransferable to any other event.


19. Cash only at registration. We will not accept any checks during registration.


20. Miss Newark USA is not responsible for any injuries incurred before, during, or after participation in events.