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Workshop Goals

The workshops on June 25-26 were a hit! the contestants and their parents were filled in on what to expect at Miss Newark USA.

The first workshop, Miss Newark USA Princess and Preteen, Makenzie and Iliana, were there to greet and introduce themselves to future contestants. Candy, the Executive Producer of Miss Newark USA gave a great speech on everything MNUSA!

The choreographer of Miss Newark USA, Denise, gave everyone a little taste of what to expect for the opening number. The queen moms, of our reigning queens gave great tips for backstage, and in the dressing room on pageant day.

We even gave out raffles for the community service platform, Thank you Kindly.

The following workshop was just as exciting, the videographer Lisa, and the stage assistant, Katt were present to give their information to future contestants and their parents. The reigning Miss Newark USA and Teen, Kristle and Keyaura shared memories of their year.

Girls received a ribbon as they registered for optionals, and got a chance to meet their future pageant sisters! Miss Newark USA is a great experience, and one to cherish forever. Up next are the boot camps and contestant rehearsal! There is still time to register for both!

See you there.

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