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Tips Tuesday

Let's hear it for the Teens! (Applause, Applause) The teen division, for the Miss Newark USA pageant, is for young girls ages 15-19. You are in high school, a freshman in college, have a part time job, and figuring out what you life plans are.

Take your time being a teen! Enjoy it!

Being a teen can be hard! There are so many opportunities for you that it may seem overwhelming. As a pageant contestant, more opportunities will come to you. This is a good thing! However never feel pressured to jump into something you are not sure about.

Pageants help with career and life building skills.

  1. Public speaking

  2. Interview skills

  3. Networking

  4. Resume building

  5. What to wear to an interview or special event

  6. Dress to impress

  7. Feel confident within yourself

  8. Be happy with your choices.

Where ever you see yourself going as a teen, it's always best to try something you haven't done before. If you are new to pageants, awesome! You'll be surprised at what you can learn, while competing in a pageant, for your future goals.

If you have competed in pageants before, then you understand what benefits come with pageantry.

So bottom line tip for teens is, try everything at least once. If it gives you a spark or even butterflies in your stomach; keep doing what you gut tells you to do. Miss Newark USA is a great door way into reaching your goals. Plus having this title on your resume (Miss Newark Teen USA) looks great on a resume.

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