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Phases of competition

Take a look at this video! It will help you with creating a walking pattern for the pageant next year. Each Queen shows you an example of her outfit and how to model during the pageant. Be creative and show your personality!


This is the first competition. Show off your modeling skills! MNUSA provides you with the t shirt and leggings, and you bring yourself to the stage!

Onstage Question

Each contestant will be asked an age appropriate question. Feel free to practice at home using a remote control or even a hair brush as a microphone.

Fun Fashion

Show off your style! Be fun and creative! All we ask is that you don't wear a swim suit. This can be an outfit that you absolutely love, a costume, or a sport you are a part of!


Princesses (5-7) and Preteens (8-10) have 30 seconds to give a speech, Jr. Teens (11-14) Teens (15-19) and Miss (20-30) have 1 minute to give a speech. This can be something you are very passionate about; a job, career choice, a goal, a plan, even a favorite toy!

Evening Wear & Introduction

Make sure your gown is floor length! Showcase your confidence on stage! Introductions are simple because they are about you! Who you are, What you like to do, Where you like to go, and What you aim to be in the future.

Make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel for more exciting videos!

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