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Pageant hair

Hair is your crown, your story. With a lot of gel, hair spray, and a few other tricks hair can look like a million bucks.

Pageant hair, overtime has changed throughout the years, but there are a few common styles that are true to being a pageant girl.

At Miss Newark USA, we highly recommend only one style, due to all of the competition changes. It'll create stress on you, your pageant mom, and even the judges! Keeping the same hair style throughout the competition will help the judges remember faces. Consistency is key.

Never try to make yourself look older than you are. Keep your hairstyles simple, whether you're adding curls or extensions the hair style should always be age appropriate.

Practice with your hair at home! Who knew that playing dress up as a child would be a full time career!

If you practice your hairstyles at home, than you'll be better off on pageant day. Your mind and muscle memory will know how to create the style you want.

Try on your pageant earrings, your competition outfits, and play around with your hair. You need to know what your overal vision will look like before pageant day.

Always remember to pack the hair essentials: hair spray, shine serum, brushes, combs, Bobby pins, and anything else you use for your hair.

Your hair is the ultimate crown, the next step is Miss Newark USA.

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