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Pageant Evening Gowns

Who doesn't love getting dressed up! It's the best thing since sliced bread. Wearing a beautiful crown, your favorite evening gown, and you look like you're floating on air.

But wait... can you see your shoes? I guess you're not floating.

Evening wear gowns should always touch the floor. It brings out the most elegant poise and stage presence. Evening wear is a required competition for Miss Newark USA. Evening gowns that do not touch the floor will receive two points deduction! (You heard that right)

When you're going gown shopping, always take the shoes you will wear for pageant day. It's the worst feeling ever to get home, after you've found the gown of your dreams, and it's too short due to your shoes. (Or wear flats!)

Another tip when trying on your gown, make sure you can sit down, breathe, and it's not itchy. Who wants to be uncomfortable? Beauty should not be painful. Beauty is showing your confidence in a gown you are proud to wear.

Never let the dress wear you!

Good luck gown hunting!

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