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Pageant Checklist

When it comes to competing at a pageant, you have to make sure your checklist is complete.

There will always be ONE thing you forget at home, so opening up your suitcase at least the week of the pageant is helpful. Start packing that week and going through your list to make sure you have everything you need for the big day.

If you have seen the latest reel on the Miss Newark USA instagram page you'll notice the director showcases nine key items you need for a pageant.

Side note! Not all of them are tangible.

Let's review the list:

  1. Confidence

This is very important! Show up on pageant day ready to meet new friends, show who you are throughout each competition, shine with your personality. There's no one that knows you like you do!

2. Two pairs of heels

Always bring your pageant competition shoes, and another pair of heels just in case you want to switch things up a little. Remember to pack smart not hard. Keep your luggage light so you don't have to worry about too many items in the dressing room.

3. Full Makeup Set

Some participants have their own makeup artists and come pageant day with full makeup. That's great! However if you prefer to do it on your own, bring everything you need for competition. Work on your foundation and contouring at home, and do the rest before competition begins.

4. All competition clothes

Miss Newark USA has 5 competitions. You need to bring an outfit for each category. Onstage question and runway, MNUSA will provide this outfit, however all other phases of competition are up to you. Go back to the MNUSA youtube channel to take a look and see what previous participants have worn for inspiration.

5. Registration forms

This is very important! All contestants receive their official MNUSA packet in the mail. The forms sent out, must be brought to pageant check-in! Don't worry we always have extra copies for you!

6. Your A Game

Remember it is a competition. Yes we have a great time at MNUSA events, however someone will take home the crown. It could be you! Bring your confidence, your stage presence, your modeling ability, and your public speaking skills! Practice at home with your family and friends! Take note of all the tips that are on the instagram account! Tips go out every Tuesday!

7. Cute outfit for rehearsal

On pageant day we will have a rehearsal for the opening number dance. This is a fun way to start off the show, and get everyone ready for competition. Remember this is a job, for a year, and you are interviewing for this role. Show up for what you want. Wear an outfit that represents who you are as a queen.

8. Introduce yourself to the directors and staff

It means a lot to the directors and staff when young ladies are able to introduce themselves. We love meeting participants, and having a genuine conversation. This is another way to build confidence, and network with others!

9. Network with other contestants

We are all working on something great! Be sure to network with other young ladies and promote one another. Pageants are great for networking and building a system of like minded individuals. During the pageant you will be able to find women with different careers, backgrounds, hobbies, lifestyle choices, the list goes on. It's up to you to build the connection.

The Miss Newark USA pageant will be held this August 14, 2021 at the Newark Liberty International Marriott Hotel. Apply today for your chance to win a year of amazing opportunities.

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