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MNUSA Princess

Makenzie is a legend in the Miss Newark USA system. She competed in the 2020 pageant, showing her confidence, in every phase of competition.

This was Makenzie's first pageant! She didn't know what to expect on pageant day. However by attending pageant workshops with her mom, she was able to get group coaching provided by AMB Dance Theatre. This helped her and her mom prepare for the upcoming Miss Newark USA pageant in 2020.

Makenzie was ready to take on the stage in the Miss Newark USA 2020 pageant. Have you ever tried to speak, or model an outfit in front an audience of over 150 people?

Makenzie did that.

It takes practice to make improvement. This is one of the many reasons as to why the Miss Newark USA system is so important for young girls. To experience your own growth, and confidence build up through courage and motivation.

Contestants who compete at MNUSA always leave with a smile on their face, have made a new friend, and experienced something new.

Makenzie experienced what the Miss Newark USA pageant could offer! And she wanted more.

Makenzie competed with five other princess contestants. She was 4th runner up in the Princess court of 2020.

Not only did she take home 4th place, she also took the title of Miss It Girl! Winning $640!

Although Makenzie did not win her first year of Miss Newark USA, she came back ready to go in 2021!

Makenzie was on it! She turned up the heat on the Miss Newark USA stage this year.

Her eye contact with the judges, her smile, her model walk all 10's all around!

Makenzie and her mom are a great team! They make sure to do their research on Miss Newark USA. Watching pageant tutorials on the youtube channel, attending workshops for the pageant, and even the princess tea party.

Makenzie came with a mission in 2021.

Makenzie knew to take her time with her spokesmodel speech. Making sure the audience was listening to her and she was the main attraction.

The way this princess commanded the stage was breathe taking!

Make sure you take a look on the Miss Newark USA youtube channel for the Miss Newark USA 2021 pageant video!

Makenzie took home the gold in her canary yellow gown! She accomplished what she came to do! When you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible. If you don't succeed the first time, try again. Keeping going until you achieve that goal!

Remember... you can't win unless you compete.
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