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Makeup with the Best

Miss Newark USA Teen, Keyaura, had the opportunity to have a full on makeup tutorial with the one and only Nydia Figueroa.

Nydia started her journey with Makeup from being inspired by a book title Plastic Surgery without the Surgery: The miracle of Makeup Techniques. She would go to the Limited Too Store (who remembers how cool limited too was!) buy all of the makeup and practice at home. Nydia instantly became attracted to the power of makeup! She started working with MAC at the age of 18, and the rest is herstory!

This tutorial is for teens and miss contestants. A natural look for a pageant. Nydia gives you step by step instructions from perfecting your eyebrows, to choosing the right lip color.

It takes practice to perfect your makeup, just like anything else. Here we have Miss Newark USA Teen, Keyaura, and Nydia setting up the eyebrowns.

"Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins." ~ Nydia Figueroa

Nydia uses a range of products to highlight Keyaura's face. Here she is using Stilla Glitter Eye Shadow.

This #stilla product is great for a natural glam look! Perfect for the stage or red carpet event. Nydia really enhances the look of Keyaura's eyes with this look.

It's time for some lashes!!! Who doesn't love a good lash? Nydia is using a lash applicator from #tarte, for adhesive she uses #laflare bond eyelash glue.

The eyelashes went on so smooth! Nydia did wait about 10 minutes for the glue to settle on the eyelashes before applying. She snapped the lashes to Keyaura's eyes, cut them, and applied the glue. Are you taking notes? We hope so! It gets better.

As Nydia gets ready to do Keyaura's foundation, she uses #JaneIredale Primer. This primer is for oily skin.