The mission of Miss Newark USA is to empower girls and women everywhere. Miss Newark USA will help guide young women to being the best version of themselves.  Providing guidance with leadership skills, hosting events, interview skills, public speaking, networking within the community, promoting themselves and their career platforms.

 Scholarships and in kind sponsorships are what make Miss Newark USA able to provide young women and young ladies with the opportunity to achieve their goals within the art industry. 


The reason for creating Miss Newark USA was to formulate a way for females to be a part of a community that isn't out of their reach.  Pageantry is an expensive hobby, Miss Newark USA is affordable for all families. Pageants can open doors for women in the fashion, modeling, and art industries.  

Below is a slide show of our sponsors we thank you for your generosity in working with Miss Newark USA

Thank you for your kind donation.  With your generosity the organization will remain affordable for the community and contestants

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